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We are super excited to be working with Eric Broers on our NFT project. He is a character painter based in San Francisco. The wild woodland world he paints is with a brush on paper. You can see more of his work at HiERICBRO.

Using not a lot of color, he packs personality into every inch of the page. His high contrast wildlife has made it's way into art galleries and murals all over the world with a furry fury.
Screen Shot 2022-01-24 at 8.45.42 AM.png

He is also a product designer as HiERICBRO. Making hats, shirts, silkscreen prints, skateboard decks and pins. All this made him a good fit for this project. We teamed him up with our programmer Michael Frankovic to get the code up and running.


Eric loves collaboration and got right to work on the wild idea. He whipped out his ink and brushes to find where the wild things are. A zen bear wound up becoming the perfect starting point.

Screen Shot 2022-01-23 at 2.22.07 PM.png

With a meditating bear suit as the base, he printed out the template. It was a natural choice to start adding pandas, more bears (obviously) and play with expressions.


Thats when things got weird, he was then high on choices. Eric is into 80's-90's skateboarding, punk posters, hot rods and Saturday morning cartoons. This guy painted everything he could think of. Robots, unicorns, antlers and owls all showed up in the mix. I mean, why not? When shit gets weird, you try weird shit!

Our programmer Mike was brave enough to add all of these wild high ideas into his tuned up machine and fire it up. After tons of lightning, beeps, laughter, bear growls and maybe a fog horn, we are proud to invite you into the mixed up world of the Wild High Club.

From analog to digital and back again. (2).gif
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